Return To Gower MP3 Double Album – CD


A double album of 18 original vinyl recordings, all re-mastered. Three decades of Dunvant Male Choir featuring recordings from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and remastered.


This recording includes many songs recorded by the choir on vinyl from the 1960s onwards. The album is also available for download.

Track Listing

Disk 1

  1. Angels Song
  2. Si Lwli
  3. Italian Salad
  4. Feast of Feasts
  5. Domine Non Sum Dignus
  6. Muss I Den
  7. Martyrs of the Arena
  8. Carry me Back to Green Pastures
  9. Fedwen Arian
  10. Nidaros
  11. Moliant Fo I Dduw Anfeidrol
  12. Yna Plant Yr Hebreaid
  13. Y Gwyntoedd
  14. Kwm-Bah-Yah
  15. I Journey On
  16. Wandering in May

Disk 2

  1. Morte Christe
  2. Goin' Home
  3. My Love is like a red, red Rose
  4. Weinland
  5. God's Choir
  6. By Babylon's Wave
  7. Crossing the Plain
  8. Cwm Rhondda
  9. Calon Lan
  10. My little Welsh Home
  11. Land of my Fathers
  12. David of the White Rock
  13. Only for You
  14. The Ash Grove
  15. All through the Night
  16. Amazing Grace