Continuous singing since 1895

Dunvant Male Choir enjoys the distinction of being the oldest continuous serving choir in Wales. It was formed in 1895 by a group of miners, steelworkers and quarrymen from the membership of the local Ebenezer Congregational Chapel. It was initially called the Ebenezer Excelsior Male Voice Party, but as its membership grew, its name was shortened to the current Dunvant Male Choir (Côr Meibion Dyfnant in Welsh). It is the archetypal Welsh Choir that sprung naturally out of the community and the mould of the time.


We are delighted to welcome new choristers, whether experienced or complete beginners: You do not have to be a trained singer or be able to read music; all you need is to enjoy singing and be willing to learn. Assistance is given in learning the choir repertoire by the provision of CDs and assistance from a fellow chorister who will act as a mentor. Look out for our "Open Rehearsal Nights" where you can meet up, sing and have fun with the choir.

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The strong body of Patrons helps to provide the financial support, which is needed to sustain a large organisation like the Dunvant Male Choir. We will continue with the policy of presenting a Patrons Concert of quality, variety and excellence.

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Acknowledged universally as one of the more accomplished and friendly choirs on the concert and competition platforms and under the leadership of Jonathan Rogers the choir will build on its tradition of musical excellence.

Its achievements are legendary having appeared on many of the most prestigious international venues and won most of the major choral competitions open to the nations’ male choirs.



The choir has made frequent visits to USA, Canada and Europe including Germany , France and of course Ireland. The most recent was in March 2012 when we had a memorable ten day tour to Singapore and entertained at the Feast of St. David's Ball 2012 for the St.David's Society of Singapore and other prestigious engagements including a reception by the British High Commissioner. We've just celebrated 50 years of harmonious friendship with "Sannervereinigung 1866, Essen- Burgaltendorf" and contributed in words and music at "The Last Post" celebrations at the Menin Gate, Ypres.

The choir has performed ten times at the Royal Albert Hall, London often as the sole male choir, also at the Chapel of Kings College Cambridge, the chapel of Harvard University, the Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto and in the ancient U.K. Cathedrals including Chichester, Exeter, Gloucester, Hereford, Lichfield, Salisbury and York.

The choir can often be seen on the TV and heared on Radio media, we also have a selection of around twelve CD recordings.